Africa: Sovereign Debt Reform

Africa: Sovereign Debt Reform
This reform should help promote more efficient resolution of sovereign debt crises in the future. As a general rule, the IMF encourages all countries to maintain sound finances and does not condone payments arrears (i.e., where a country gets behind on …

Safe haven assets are starting to look a little different
The global financial crisis, the subsequent sovereign debt crisis and the resultant expansion of central bank balance sheets have shaken investors' perceptions as to what assets warrant haven status. Assets previously regarded as secure have proved to …
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Why we need to insure against a sovereign credit crisis
When the total value of Commonwealth government bonds outstanding was only $ 56.5 billion in December 2006, the risk of a sovereign credit crisis was virtually non-existent. Yet thanks to persistent structural budget deficits, the value of bonds on …
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Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis
The religious leaders have been greatly assisted by JubileeUSA, a faith-based group that focuses on issues of sovereign debt and whose director, Eric LeCompte, is both exceedingly knowledgeable about these complex legal and fiscal issues and has the …
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