Energy Crisis

There has been a huge increase in the earth’s population. The most recent estimations put the earth’s population around the 6.2 billion mark and its slated to grow to 7 billion by the end of the decade. This has put an enormous strain on the earth’s naturally occurring energy resources. This has led to the search of alternative forms of energy.

The harnessing of wind energy has been done since olden times. Windmills have been employed to produce dough and flour from wheat. A fairly simple mechanism that utilizes the concept of energy conversion, though inefficient it’s still effective.

Solar energy though is the most abundant alternative form of energy. Yet scientists are flummoxed as to harnessing it efficiently. Solar cells, solar electrical systems and solar energy installers have been used previously but with low efficiency levels.

Cost effectiveness of the whole process is in questions due to the fact that it employees high technical expertise and state of the art technology to put materialize the whole process. Solar electrical systems and solar energy installers unless employed on a large scale are very expensive and sometimes even more than the amount of energy they produce.

Solar energy has been used since days of yore but for low energy applications. Consider the instance of the Indian Government of utilizing solar cookers. These had been extensively advertised as well as promoted by the Indian Government. The company producing these cookers were very well compensated in the form of subsidies and tax exemptions.

The endeavour though fell flat on its face due to the government ignoring some key elements. Solar cookers could only be used seasonally. Hence these cookers could not be put into use during the monsoons or in the night. The cooker could only steam food and could not be used to make food items requiring an open flame which is often the case in Indian cuisine.

There comes a time though when the heat is just too little. That is why in many temperate countries thermal loft insulation is extensively used to trap heat within the building. Thermal loft insulation is a much cheaper option compared to central heating and the likes which is it’s a preferred option.

There are other alternatives to this too, such as air source heat pump installations. But the cost effectiveness is only valid in large installations such as office buildings, college campus’  and the likes. Air source heat pump installations have been employed on a large scale in many developing countries where it’s too expensive to use central heating. 

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