Fears of a third world debt crisis are overblown

Fears of a third world debt crisis are overblown
As the countdown to a US rate hike begins, fears are mounting that capital outflows from emerging markets might intensify, crunching growth and perhaps even sparking some form of debt crisis — seemingly the third act of a three-part global financial …
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Soaring Global Debt – The Reality Check in Numbers
The fact that global debt is growing throughout the world is widely acknowledged and well documented. However, when faced with the numbers, the magnitude of the problem is still quite shocking to read. An article last week in Washington's blog gives us …
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Global debt defaults near milestone
Currently, 99 global companies have defaulted since the year began, the second greatest tally in more than a decade and only exceeded by the financial crisis which saw 222 defaults in 2009, according to Standard & Poor's. US companies account for 62 of …
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