How To Profit From Runaway Debt And The Next Global Recession

How To Profit From Runaway Debt And The Next Global Recession
We are likely facing a new global recession, and while the script may be slightly different this time, the culprit is still too much debt just like it was during the great financial crisis in 2008. Magical thinking about the investment merits of …
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Asian Borrowers May Be Better Bets As Emerging Markets Debt Crisis Looms
Unlike during previous expansions, the recent growth in emerging markets debt has been concentrated in the corporate sector, which has accounted for nearly 80% of total EM hard currency issuance in each of the last three years. Corporate issuance of …
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Debt Market Distortions Go Global as Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
… said David Goodman, head of global capital markets strategy at Westpac Banking Corp. In a recent report titled the “Global Regulatory Crisis,” Goodman pointed to regulators' efforts to head off another crisis as one of the reasons for the shrinking …
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Oil tumbles towards crisis-era lows
Oil fell to a seven-year low on Monday and close to the levels hit during the financial crisis amid increased expectations of a persistent oversupply in global crude. The renewed pressure on the oil price comes amid widespread expectations that the US …
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