Latest Global Debt Crisis News

The re-emerging debt crisis in Africa
Recently, the global economy has been going through a recession which has affected many countries, causing some, like Greece, to stand on the brink of bankruptcy. For countries that are unable to manage their debt amidst the current global crisis, debt …
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Bank jobs under threat, Trump aims at Cruz and Cuban reparations
FT person of the year: Angela Merkel From the Greek debt crisis to the influx of refugees into Europe, the German chancellor was the person who made the greatest impact on global affairs in 2015. The two crises underscored an incredible transformation …
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Goldman Sachs (GS) Shareholder Submits Proxy Resolution Calling For
SumOfUs members object to Goldman Sachs' the role in the Greek debt crisis, where the European and Greek public lost billions of dollars while Goldman profited. Lloyd Blankfein, current CEO … is a global consumer watchdog. We mobilize …
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