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JSE opens firmer as banks rocket on Gordhan re-appointment
The re-appointment of Mr Gordhan overshadowed technical events on the day following a torrid end-of-the-week trading on Friday, which saw the JSE lose a weekly 2.47% and banking shares retreating to levels last seen during the 2008 financial crisis …
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One of the Real Problems With QE
Let's compare the distribution of seven- to 10-year Bund returns between the October 2009 onset of the eurozone sovereign debt crisis to July 2012 to the distribution from July 2012 onward. The two return sets are different at a 78.61% confidence level.

How Hedge Funds Are Pillaging Puerto Rico
Several options exist to resolve the Puerto Rican crisis. Clearly, a bankruptcy write-down of un-payable debt—the remedy available to distressed corporations via the more familiar Chapter 11—is the sensible solution for Puerto Rico. That way, the …
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