Ten Market Investors Warning Signs for 2016

Ten Market Investors Warning Signs for 2016
As the dollar index breaks above 100 on the DXY, multinational companies, which are already struggling to make earnings from a slowing global economy, are going to have to grapple with the effects of an even more unfavorable currency translation …
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Zakat: The best welfare system
The recession of 1930's, recession of 2008 and Greek debt crisis saw deep cuts in the welfare expenditure around the world. It forced many millions to resort to violence on the streets. However, the economy is to be seen in light of the “whole” system.
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Republicans Offer Puerto Rico a Helping Hand in Debt Crisis
Last time the economy needed a boost, China's stimulus efforts centered around a massive infrastructure-building program rolled out during the global financial crisis. Left with a $ 28 trillion debt overhang after that spree, a new tack is now being taken.
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